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And in Delaware offshore waters on August . On the Eastern Shore of Virginia reports Pacific Loons have included these December at Wise Point Northampton County November Kiptopeke January Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Cherrystone Landing PELAGIC BIRDS Atlantic Yellownosed Albaross NAwaters MD offshore very rare VA Thalassarche chlororhynchos Albatross was seen Maryland February miles Ocean City. Into the s there were from thousand Lesser Snow Geese at Blackwater only small fraction of many that subspecies further west North America [...]

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Northern Crested Caracara DP ph DE cheriway first in Delaware was Millville southern part of state on March . A male Eastern Towhee photo by Howard Eskin Greentailed DP DE Pipilo chlorurus was Delaware on February near Wilmington. That was the first for state [...]

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Southern Lapwing NA ph MD Vanellus chilensis was West Ocean City Maryland on June bird of unknown origin. A bird included above the fall records at Eastern Shore of Virginia Wildlife Refuge being there on November actually remained until least January . oz orangebreasted bunting [...]

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American White Pelicans with such bumps have been seen in Maryland at the Blackwater Refuge during April even though bird does not nest there. The Bandrumped Storm Petrel was seen during FONT pelagic trip Maryland waters August first state record Wilson ph DE mostly offshore MD VA ch Oceanites oceanicus There are subspecies North Atlantic . Others at Hog Island January adult male Chincoteague Refuge September Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel May female Kiptopeke November [...]

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Display behavior were seen that year on May and July. Lockwood Powers Biogeographic Regions nearctic native neotropical What kind of habitat do they need Blue grosbeaks are usually found open areas with shrubs brush and small trees edges woodlands or sometimes grasslands. Harris Sparrow DP ph DE VA Zonotrichia querula Sparrows have been in Delaware November at Smyrna Cape Henlopen October the Brandywine Creek State Park [...]

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Presumably of them was at Fisherman Island December on Cape Charles Christmas Count. Biological and Physical Signs of Climate Change Focus on Mosquitoborne Diseases. Forktailed Flycatcher DP ph DE MD VA very rare Tyrannus savana Flycatchers were in Delaware October the Little Creek Wildlife Area September Camden by Miller Neck Rd May Coverdale Preserve. Bobolink ph DE bh MD bw VA ch Dolichonyx oryzivorus The following text is paraphrased from book Birds and Marshes of Chesapeake Bay Country by Brooke Meanley published reprinted Reedbird Ricebird it has been variously known always one my favorites. Great Shearwater p ph DE offshore MD VA ch Puffinus gravis monotypic has been called Greater [...]

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Broadtailed Hummingbird DP ph DE Selasphorus platycercus was Delaware March Rehoboth Beach. g . A notyet adult American White Ibis during the big influx year of photo by Howard Eskin Glossy DE bh MD bw VA ch Plegadis falcinellus although many places worldwide considered monotypic Whitefaced DP rare chihi Since has occurred nearly annually Delaware seen mostly at Bombay Hook Refuge [...]

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When the female begins building her second nest spends more time caring for chicks. Manx Shearwaters were seen during FONT pelagic trips offshore from Lewes Delaware June Bulwer Petrel NA ph VA Bulweria bulwerii Virginia was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel September with Hurricane Ernesto. Into the s there were from thousand Lesser Snow Geese at Blackwater only small fraction of many that subspecies further west North America. Ricebird was the commonly used name for species in Carolina Low Country because of its depredations domestic [...]

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Was at the Eastern Shore of Virginia Wildlife Refuge August with Hurricane Dennis Sunset Beach Northampton County September Isabel one Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel . Along the seacoast there have been number of other occurrences. This material based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Regents of University Michigan. Also the bird does extensive migrations night between its wintering and breeding grounds [...]

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CS maint Explicit use of et al. They eat mostly invertebrates including snails beetles moths grasshoppers spiders and worms. Male coloration indicates their quality and is related to female mate choice. Ethology [...]

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In Maryland there were Roseate Spoonbills Smith Island from April to September July August . Their general call is described as lowpitched buzz or metallic tink. Vultures Rails Shorebirds Jaegers Skuas Gulls Terns Skimmer Alcids Doves Cuckoos Owls Nightjars Nighthawk Hummingbirds Kingfisher Woodpeckers Flycatchers Shrikes Vireos Corvids Chickadees Titmouse Nuthatches Creeper Swallows Lark Kinglets Wrens Gnatcatcher Thrashers Allies Thrushes Waxwings Starling Pipits Finches Warblers Icterids Tanagers Sparrows including Longspurs Towhees Dickcissel Cardinal Grosbeaks Buntings Other Links Delmarva during FONT tours Complete List Photo Gallery of North American parts Grouse Anhinga Condor Olive Lists with Nature each some photos Mammals Butterflies Moths Dragonflies Damselflies Amphibians Reptiles Wildflowers Plants twopart about species Directory this Website Upcoming Birding by month geographic locations worldwide Bridled off Coast photograph Alan Brady interesting book relating birdlife Peninsula published back and was Marshes Chesapeake Bay Country Brook Meanley [...]